You must find that place inside yourself where nothing is impossible”
     – Deepak Chopra

Coaching is an ongoing partnership specifically designed to help you produce fulfilling results in your personal and professional life. A coach helps you improve your performance, to empower you and enhance the quality of your life.

 With a coach as your mentor and guide, you’ll achieve extraordinary results, far greater than what you can accomplish on your own. Your coach will:

* Help you to clarify your goals and focus on your needs, values, and vision in order to produce results more quickly.
* Assist you as you implement a plan of action, helping you work through the inevitable changes and obstacles.

Besides ‘regular’ life- and work coaching, we offer holistic coaching. A holistic approach is very helpful to improve health and wellbeing, e.g. when you are low in energy, experience pain or have overstrained yourself. For more information, visit the page ‘holistic coaching’.

Specialized and experienced in coaching:

    • executives
    • attorneys & lawyers,
    • (para)medics
    • expatriates,
    • business owners,
    • young, high potentials,

in subjects as change, career development, health improvement, emotional- & social intelligence, soft skills.

Rates coaching:

-: € 90/60 min, € 120/90 minutes, incl. VAT.